Sam Moran

Sam  (Moran) Medigovich, singer/songwriter. Born and raised around the valley of Phoenix Arizona. Son of a milkman, dairy farmer. Fourth of seven kids with three older brothers and three younger sisters. Mom worked in some of the clubs that legends like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and many more played at back in the day.

An adventurous live Sam led, starting with his early battle with a car at age nine trying to be the hood ornament. 54 stitches and several pints of blood only made him stronger. Living in the desert with the only means of transportation being a horse, times were really pretty good. Back then you could ride for miles and never see a fence let alone another person. At age 14 he and his brother Russell survived a small plane crash at a little remote airstrip outside of Clifton Arizona. Living on the wilder side, after that thinking he was invincible after the crash life wasnt boring.Later on as the years passed, a short ride in a semi truck gave him the itch to travel. Hitting the road traveling coast to coast, a guitar became a way of passing the time. Sitting at a truck stop in East Dallas Texas led to a trip across the interstate to a music store where the first guitar was bought along with a Bob Seger song book. Already in his mid-twentys starting late in life as far as musicians go and learning a few chords ,it didnt take long for the ladies to notice.

Sam left Arizona in the early 80's and headed to Florida. A brief stop in south Alabama turned into a nightmare after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Getting stabbed in the gut is no fun. Had the juke joint not been so close to the hospital this story may not have been told. Living in Florida and along with all the previous adventures has provided many stories, some which have become songs written by Sam with many more to come. An Outlaw? No. A person that creates his own path with a vision and stories to share with whom ever will listen. 





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